Phase Two Plans (Mar. 2003)

Phase Two began in March 2003 with the total demolition of the interior. The only interior feature not demolished is the presence of the wood joists. They are needed to stabilize the brick structure until new steel joists can replace them. This phase will take care of the structural issues in the house that are necessary prior to putting up the walls and undergoing a general renovation. This phase will get the house in a state known as "ready to renovate". [The picture on the right shows the roof after renovation.]

We had to wait to obtain permits for the interior work. The demolition permit was issued in October 2002. After Engineering review, demolition was completed during March 2003. Upon demolition, our Engineer needed to redo the joist plan. We needed to install steel joists and to run them East-West, the long way.

Rather than selecting a general contractor, we hired a consultant that we have known for more than a decade. Our consultant is helping us select and oversee sub-contractors and their work. We will retain greater control over the materials, design elements, and the pricing by going this route.


The work to be completed in Phase Two is as follows:

  1. Complete most of the Interior Demolition (20% has already been completed).
  2. Dig out the cellar slab and lay a new slab 8" below the existing level.
  3. Install footings for and build a cinderblock elevator shaft.
  4. Close up the cellar window and install a cellar door.
  5. Replace the wood joists with steel joists to run in the opposite direction.
  6. Secure joists to the elevator shaft and install most of the staircases in an unfinished state.
  7. Additional repairs as needed.
  8. Install heating and air conditioning systems.
  9. Install electric wiring, water and sewer pipes.
  10. Install 46 new windows (out of 47 in house).
  11. Renovate the Basement and the 4th Floor.
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