About The House

The house is located across from Morningside Park at the corner of 112th Street and Manhattan Avenue in the Harlem section of Manhattan. The border of Harlem has shifted over the years. Currently, Morningside Park is the western border of Harlem and 110th Street is the southern border. The house is near all forms of public transportation. The bus stop is directly across the street from the house on Manhattan Avenue. Marjorie, who prefers to travel by bus will have pick up and drop off service within steps of our front door. Keith, who prefers the speed of the subway, will use the 110th street B & C subway lines.

As shown in the picture above, the house provides wonderful views of Morningside Park. Morningside Park is between the West side of Harlem and Morningside Heights where Columbia University is located. In 1998, the City of New York completed an extensive renovation of Morningside Park. The new Morningside Park contains baseball fields, basketball courts, a repaired waterfall and picnic tables. The park is a main attraction for the families in the neighborhood as well as for Columbia students.

The cathedral of St. John the Devine provides a wonderful backdrop to our neighborhood. In addition, the community is drawn to the many activities offered. St. John also provides a tour each weekend which enables you to learn about the design, construction and history of the cathedral. Keith and I took a tour of the cathedral's roof. As part of that tour we learned that the back of the church came from  St. Patrick's cathedral in midtown. It is our understanding that a stone carver who once rented a room in our house carved a picture of the house somewhere within St. John the Devine.

This picture shows our previous roof finial at the top of the turret. This southwest view shows the southern end of Morningside Park and some buildings on 110th Street.

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