Architectural Drawings

In order to view the Architectural Plans, you will first need to install the AUTOCAD viewer called Volo View Express 2.1.  You can download Volo View Express 2.1 by going to the Autodesk Corporation website at the following address:
[Download size is 24MB]

This page will have instructions on downloading Volo View Express.  After you download Volo View Express, you double click on it to install it.  Volo View Express is an add-on which will attach itself to your browser, either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

While the procedure may be time consuming, it will be well worth it.  The entire architectural drawings are contained in the file below.  Volo View Express will allow you to zoom in to see the plans for each floor.  You will also be able to print them out.

Once Volo View Express 2.1 is installed, click on one of the following links to download the floor plans: [Download size : 819KB]
0201.sit [Download size: 841KB]

Most new Window's platform computers will have WinZip pre-installed.  If your computer does not have it, you can download an nzipping program  from the following locations:
WinZip [Free Trial Version. Download size: 1.71MB]
WinAce [Free Trial Version. Download size: 3.4MB]
Stuffit [Free Standard Edition. Download size: 8.23MB]
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