Design Layout

In order to get a complete understanding of the construction project the following drawing provides you with a breakdown of the house floors:

Cellar - This floor will maintain all the mechanical functions of the house.

Basement - a.k.a. the "guest apartment" or Keith's domain. This level will have it's own entrance as well as access to the main part of the house. We have included a bathroom and kitchen area. In addition, accessed from the main part of the house will be a laundry room. A laundry chute will run from the 4th floor down to the basement laundry room.

Floor 1 - This will be our main "formal" area. As you proceed up the stoop you will enter the first floor.  The west side of this floor will be a formal living room with a fireplace and a wet bar. The area on the east side will be an entertainment room with television and stereo. The elevator will start on this floor and go to the 4th floor.

Floor 2 - Kitchen/Dining Room/Family Room Area - Here we have planned a floor that will enable us to do all types of entertaining. The kitchen is located on the west side of the building. Here an island will be placed that allows you to take in the view of the park while sitting there. We also will have a fireplace.  The remaining part of the floor will be open. Furniture will be placed here that lends itself to daily living. In addition, we will have our Victorian mahogany dining table that expands to 18 1/2 feet on this floor. Our architect has designed a storage area that will allow us to store the seven dining table leaves. On special occasions we will "comfortably" be able to have sit down meals for 20+ people.

Floor 3 - Master bedroom floor - This floor will be our area. Here we have designed a bedroom with a fireplace that overlooks the park. The floor will also have a walk in dressing room for Marjorie and Keith.  The master bath provides all the creature comforts.

Floor 4 - The "unnamed" floor - Here we will have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting area. This floor will also provide for access to the roof garden. Since this floor does not have large windows, we have placed three skylights into each of the main areas.

Roof Garden - As you take the stairs up to the roof you will come out to a small conservatory. This conservatory will serve as a transitional space only. The parapet wall that stands between our home and the neighboring brownstone will be brought up a few feet and and an awning will be place on it. This awning will enable us to have a shady area on the roof when desired. We will have comfortable outdoor furniture and a small garden arrangement on the roof deck.

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